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 Imagination is


Works in progress..... 

Regular posts by Kerry can be seen on Kerry's author page on Facebook.

For daily updates - please press on the link below and 'like' her author page.

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Latest Release.........

The Hole

(Children's Picture Book)

Written by Kerry Brown

Illustrated by Lucia Masciullo

Bestselling Australian picture book creators Kerry Brown and Lucia Masciullo join forces to bring us a brilliant new rhyming adventure, perfect for fans of The Gruffalo.

One by one, a group of animals come upon a strange black hole in the middle of the woods. What is lurking down below? And is that its tummyrumbling? 

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All My Kisses

(Children's Picture Book)

Written by Kerry Brown

Illustrated by Jedda Robbard

A picture book that would melt even the hardest heart... This irresistibly cute story is about a little pig who receives too many kisses - and what she decides to do with the overflow!

Now published in Complex Chinese and Korean.

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 Lest We Forget

(Children's Picture Book) 

Written by Kerry Brown

Illustrated by Isobel Knowles and Benjamin Portas

With illustrations from two extraordinary new talents, Isobel Knowles and Benjamin Portas, this powerful story from author Kerry Brown will help even young children understand the significance and importance of our national days of remembrance.


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Lullabies for Bedtime

(Children's Picture Book) 

Written by Authors – Susan Betts, Kerry Brown, Phil Cummings, Mike Dumbleton, Katrina Germein and Louise Pike and illustrated by Doris Chang

Beautifully written and illustrated lullabies to share day and night whilst cuddling with your baby.

Featuring a mix of well-loved and delightfully new rhymes written by Australian emerging and award winning writers.

A delightful collection designed to help families establish that all important bed time routine.

Goodnight moonbeam,

Goodnight tree,

Goodnight stars …

and goodnight me.

Sure, to become a much loved and treasured bed time book.

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Can I Cuddle the Moon? 

(Children's Picture Book)

Written by Kerry Brown

Illustrated by Lisa Stewart

This book is now available in Taiwan and Korea. It is also an audio book in Korea.

Little Owl is looking for someone osomething to cuddle – could he cuddle the moon? A star? A butterfly? With each suggestion his mother answers gently, until Little Owl surmises that perhaps the answer is under his nose. In gentle rhyming text and with adorably soft illustrations, this is a perfect cuddle-time book.

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Poppy Wash

(Children's Picture Book)

Written by Kerry Brown

Illustrated by Michelle Pike

A fun story about a young girl called Poppy who runs the local Drive Thru Dragon Wash. During her desperate hunt to find a dragon of her own, Poppy finds the answer to her dreams in the last place she thought to look!

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It's Bedtime

(Children's Picture Book)

Written by Kerry Brown, Phil Cummings, Katrina Germain, Susan Betts, Tania Cox and Nadia Sunde.

Illustrated by Katharine Lahn

This beautifully illustrated picture book features commissioned bed time stories by established Australian authors, tips and suggestions to help parents/carers establish bed time routines and a recommended book list of additional bed time stories.

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